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Bridging clinical insight with medical staffing expertise

The background

Medical Staffing provide staffing solutions that are flexible and tailored to an organisation’s unique requirements. During the difficulty and turmoil caused by the outbreak of COVID-19 we have made it a priority to find ways to support the healthcare community in providing unparalleled care to those in need.

Many organisations are experiencing issues with the increased need for primary care and triage clinicians, including London’s largest providers of Integrated Urgent Care services, London Central and West Unscheduled Care Collaborative.

As one of the largest providers of primary care clinicians in the UK we were perfectly placed to quickly propose a solution to help.

The challenge

Friendly. Experienced. Ready.

Due to the recent shift in patient demand from face-to-face consultations to remote triage due to the Coronavirus, many organisations are experiencing a bottleneck from trying to process the huge influx of clinicians, and LCW was no exception.

Faced with the time delay posed by limited resources, our client needed support in processing, clearing and interviewing clinicians, using their clearance process, to place on their rota in a timely and efficient way.

Medical Staffing have proven their ability to supply experienced and accredited clinicians in times of unprecedented demand, becoming a trusted and responsive supplier.Adam Duncan, Director of Quality and Governance, (LCWUCC)

The solution

By utilising our understanding of the clearance process, the organisation’s logistics and LCW’s unique requirements, Medical Staffing proposed that their own Medical Director (a former GP) and Head of Clinical Performance (a former nurse and clinical director) clear and interview GPs and nurses respectively to speed up the process and alleviate the bottleneck.

By leveraging our 15 years of experience in providing staffing solutions to the medical community, we were able to shoulder much of the hard work and organise the entire interviewing process to find the right talent to suit LCW’s needs.

The outcome

Compliant talent: 30 ANPs and GPs placed, providing triage and remote triage care

Fast and flexible: Working alongside existing infrastructure, we rolled out the right solution within 7 days

Increase access: Additional support with quality clinicians means better access for patients

What next?

We’ve got your trust covered

If you are a healthcare provider in need of extra support sourcing exceptional primary and acute care staff, or require clinical assessment services during the pandemic, Medical Staffing is pleased to offer fast and flexible solutions.

Please get in touch to discuss your unique requirements and we will endeavour to provide bespoke solutions to suit your needs.


Phone: 01582 394800